Alone: Asylum of The Lost Prologue

Most people don’t realize loneliness is both a blessing and a curse. It just depends on how they choose to deal with it. Someone who requires the affection of others and is too dependent on social interaction can find themselves deteriorating quickly if separated and kept alone.

However, someone who’s embraced loneliness discovers a sense of power and freedom allowed by having no attachments or dependencies. With only responsibility for themselves, they are free to take risks, make decisions in a moment’s notice and worry about the consequences later, if ever. They are free to do whatever they wish but at the cost of having anyone close to them.

The trouble is most only think of loneliness from one perspective, developing an uncomfortable but accepting relationship with time alone. But it’s inevitable there will come a time when they find themselves alone and their own comforts are no longer comforting. This is a defining moment for most who either learn to embrace these feelings or become a prisoner to them forever.


The knock on the door was louder and more persistent.

“Delaware, come on. Open the door.” Kelly called in. “You can’t just shut everyone out.”

His attention didn’t move from the glow of the television across the living room. He knew she would go away soon enough.

Kelly hit the door one last time in anger then stormed down the hallway. She was at the end of her rope. She tried nice, she tried stern, she even tried demanding but nothing was getting through. He had shut himself off from her and everyone ever since meeting Katherine, a woman who insisted she was the Protector.

Kelly opened her car door and looked up at Delaware’s apartment. It was dark with flicking light from the television, just like it’s been for weeks. She shook her head and got into her car.

When she arrived back to the book store, Simon was upstairs playing a computer game.

“And how did things go this time?” He inquired without looking up.

“The St. John wall has reached a new thickness. He didn’t even answer the door.” She said as she sat down at her computer.

“Do you think…maybe it’s time to get him help?” Simon suggested as Kelly started typing.

“I’ve considered that.” She said, knowing she would never consider it.

Simon got up from his game and walked over to Kelly. He looked down at her monitor which showed images of a mental asylum.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit extreme?” He asked, less than half joking.

“The last time Delaware and I spoke he said he had visions of a girl in straight jacket in a padded room. The Drake Asylum is only a few hours from here.” She said as the printer came to life and began printing out the directions.

“The asylum? Well, that’s for Delaware to…” He started, hoping she wasn’t considering what he suspected she was.

“For Delaware to what, Simon?” She snapped, “To come out of his pity party and remember he’s got more to worry about than himself? I don’t see that happening soon.”

“But Kelly, the places he has visions of…they’re not normal. Remember, the roller coaster at the park? Where would you be now if he hadn’t been there?” He said, knowing full well trying to talk her out of it was futile.

“Look Simon, we both know that Delaware’s visions are part of something big. If he’s not going to step up to the challenge, someone has to.”

“Yes, and her name is Katherine. You said yourself she claims to be the Protector.” He tried to counter rationally.

“She SAID she’s the protector but there’s no proof and I don’t trust her.”

“Look, all I’m saying is we’re not a part of this and going there yourself could be very dangerous. Haven’t you noticed how each incident has escalated from the previous? Just imagine what’s waiting at that asylum.”

Kelly packed her bag with her EMF reader, VIC and a few other supplies “Simon, I’m not asking you to come, but I can’t just sit here any longer. You just stay here and I’ll call you if I need something.”

Kelly took her bag and headed downstairs. Simon followed her to the railing.

“I don’t suppose me reiterating this is a very bad idea this is will change your mind.” He said as a last resort.

“Your position on the subject’s been noted, it’s a bad idea, got it.” She said without stopping as she reached the front door and exited.

No.” He said, hearing her car start and drive off. “I said it’s a very bad idea.”


Delaware remained staring into the television without paying any attention to what was on. The low blue glow filled the room and was somehow comforting. He stood and walked to the kitchen to grab something to drink. The fridge was bare but for one open can of soda. He took it and as he stepped back into his living room he realized someone was sitting in his chair.

He instantly became aggressive at the thought of another spirit inviting themselves into his life. “Get out.” He said with confidence as he walked around to the front of the chair. He stopped dead in his tracks and all confidence left as he stood looking at Kelly sitting there. Her gaze was straight forward with her hands gripping the chair arms as if holding on for dear life and the expression on her face was somehow simultaneously sorry and terrified.

“Kelly?” He asked after a moment, not sure he understood how he was seeing her. “How did you get in here?”

Kelly didn’t look at Delaware, she just remained frozen as her bottom jaw began to tremble. He stepped closer and almost instantly she broke out of her trance and looked straight at him. He could see tears were coming down her face.

“I don’t wanna die.” Kelly said to Delaware as if she was confiding a secret to him through the tears. Then her face cringed as she choked and coughed as water burst from her mouth. Before he could react the TV went off and the room was pitch black. When his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could see he was alone again.

He flipped the living room lights on and looked back to the chair. Kelly couldn’t have been here. He tried as hard as he could to convince himself he didn’t see what just happened. He didn’t want to think what it meant if he did.

Delaware ran to the kitchen and called Kelly’s cell. It instantly went to voicemail, just like she set it when she went on an investigation. He immediately hung up and called the book store.

“I knew playing hard to get would pay off.” Simon answered, fully aware of who’d be calling so late.

“Simon, is Kelly there?” Delaware asked, hoping against hope she was.

“Afraid not my friend. I did my best to talk her out of it but you know how she gets.”

“Talk her out of what, where is she?” Delaware insisted, growing more concerned.

“The asylum. The one you told her about.” Simon said as he picked up on the distress in Delaware’s voice. “Are you alright, Delaware?”

“How long ago did she leave?” He continued prodding.

“About two hours I guess, she’s supposed to check in any minute now. Is everything ok?” Simon was worried over Delaware’s concern.

“I’ll let you know when I get there.” He said as he hung up the phone.

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