Reviews for The Seacliff Tragedy "This by far the best Delaware St. John game to date." Rated B+ "Delaware has returned, and in the best of his adventures to date. The Seacliff Tragedy is more polished in story line and graphics and much lengthier than the preceding volumes." Rated B+

Reviews for The Town with No Name "I recommend this series to all who have a love of mystery, ghost hunting and things that may not be exactly what they appear to be." Rated A "The tension created as the game nears its climax is palpable and I would have run away earlier had the main doors not been stuck." "The town might be nameless, but Delaware St. John is starting to make a name for himself in this impressive sequel." Rated 4/5 Stars "The Town With No Name is a very enjoyable adventure game." Rated 8.75/10 "If you played and liked Midnight Manor, then you’ll probably find even more to love about the Town With No Name" Rated A "If you’re into engaging story based mystery thrillers, then Delaware St. John Volume 2: The Town With No Name is a must have." Rated 89/100 "'Geisterjäger Delaware St. John - Die Stadt der Toten' is a successful continuation of the Horror-Adventure." (German review of The Town with No Name.)


Reviews for The Curse of Midnight Manor "From the excellent graphics and musical score to the intriguing storyline, it is well worth playing this game." "One thing I’ve gotta give this game-- it scared the heck out of me" Rated A "If you’re an adventure game fan, or even a fan of murder/ghost mysteries, you need this game." Rated 9/10 "It might provide a fright or two, and the heart might beat a little faster in the chase scenes as the beast gets closer."

Dark Realms Magazine "The Delaware St. John series is an ambitious venture that is reminiscent of past adventure game series such as Gabriel Knight and Shivers." "The game can easily be recommended to anyone who enjoys adventure games. If you especially enjoy games with a scary theme, you will be in for a real treat." Rated 91/100 "'Geisterjäger Delaware St. John - Das Haus der Toten' is a successful Horror-Adventure which guarantees goosebumps." (German review of The Curse of Midnight Manor.)

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