The familiar call for help becomes personal when it's Kelly's voice crying for help after she disappears while exploring the remains of the Drake Asylum.

Upon arriving at the site of the derelict building it's clear to Delaware something is using Kelly as bait. Ghostly apparitions try to lead him astray and it isn't long before they succeed in confusing him between what's real and what's a nightmare. Delaware finds himself shifting from the cold, run down building to being a patient in a fully operational hospital at the mercy of the corrupted staff. It's here he meets a mysterious young woman with a relation to the events behind Midnight Manor and may hold the answers Delaware has been looking for...

The Delaware St. John series continues with Asylum of the Lost, the most terrifying adventure yet. Click the Kickstarter logo below to help get this game into development!




Requirements: Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, 98. Hardware: Pentium 600 or better, 256MB Memory, 16x CD ROM, SVGA Graphics Card, Sound Card, Mouse, Keyboard, DirectX 9

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